Fast Times, INC mailing address for all entries (except Westminster):


Address all entries to Fast Times c/o “trial name”

Hand delivery information:

  • No hand deliveries within the first 24 hours of a trial opening and not within the first 48 hours for the Westminster trial. For example, if a trial opens at 8 AM on Tuesday, you cannot hand deliver (drop off) an entry at our location until after Wednesday at 8 AM and for Westminster after Thursday at 8am. *Please check each premium for trial specific hand delivery restrictions as they are not always the same and this is just an example.
  • Hand delivered entries need to be put in the black mailbox on the porch that is labeled “ENTRIES.”
  • DO NOT RING THE DOOR BELL! This box will be checked multiple times a day.
  • DO  NOT put entries in the regular USPS mailbox at the road. This is not legal.

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